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What we do

Core Publishing is the premier creator of luxury in-room hotel magazines. The individual publications are currently available in four U.S. markets: Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Orange County. With a marketing reach of 43,000 upscale hotel rooms, each city’s magazine focuses on bringing local flair to the discerning visitor. Whether a traveler is in town for business and/or pleasure, the content writers, photographers and urban lexicons provide insights to the best places to see, shop and dine in some of America’s most exciting cities. Plus, our feature stories have given us unique perspectives into the lives and accomplishments of such diverse subjects as former President George W. Bush, rock icons ZZ Top, sports legend John Elway and internationally acclaimed comic Jeff Dunham, just to name a few.

Mobile Friendly

Our magazines come to life on the digital platform - hotel guests and website visitors alike can enjoy the same great magazine content on their internet connected device. Need to save an article for viewing later? The latest magazines are 100% downloadable and made available on demand. Through the platform, ads can be made clickable and trackable. Advertisers and clients find true value in results driven experiences. Contact us today to find out more.


As far as available markets go, we’re just getting started. Future plans include launching our hotel magazines in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami as well as providing an online content portal for each city. Let us know if you have what it takes to be a key contributor in any one of our current or future locations.